Learning Groups

Online social networking
A vibrant, engaging community for knowledge and resource sharing Delivered via the MCGL LeaderLAB Portal, this powerful resource is the central location for access- ing participant-generated content, frequently updated Linkage and MCGL faculty resources, and networking opportunities among leaders worldwide. The site is regularly maintained to encourage networking through common interest groups, book review sharing, team meetings or group coach- ing, discussion posts, and informal or personal connections. It also includes a breakfast meetings once in a week for peer coaching, knowledge sharing and individual presentations

Action Learning Projects in the workplace:
Participants are encouraged to undertake a project assignment on the basis of skill gap analysis and individual development plan under the guidance of a senior or a peer coach as well as assigned executive coach. The regular discussion review meeting on weekend with coaches will include presentations on progress made during the week. The participants will be encouraged to maintain diary of events and personal reflection on experiences while undertaking the assignment. At the end of sixteen weeks there will be individual presentation on the project assignment. The project assignment include indepth study on a subject through literature review, application of knowledge on the project assignment and a capstone paper writing at the end.