Internship Opportunity

MCGL LeaderLAB internship is a unique one year voluntary involvement for young aspiring MBA s with an engineering back ground and even MBAs from smaller business schools. These interns will form the core of the group activities and manage coordination of events. Selection will be made strictly on merit after a test in coaching centres, engineering colleges and affiliated B-Schools in smaller cities running university low cost MBAs. The interns will have simultaneous opportunity to participate in the following leadership training:

  1. Social Skills
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Interview orientation

We form a unique form personal branding process. Our interns are given scope to attend as well as organise  international events, shadow industry leaders, work on a personal project(write a project paper to be published in international journal) and ultimately build a personal network to build their future. They also get the opportunity in helping in Leader LAB as such develop their training skills.

They also contribute to a publication/Knowledge Portal:  The website will act as a knowledge portal with information and knowledge on topics on leadership and latest development in management. The New leader, a monthly newsletter to be published focused around individual career needs in an organisation. It will contain practical videos , articles and other materials from renowned business leaders.

Special Benefit
They will be a part of Knowledge  Cafe, a mentoring and shadowing social initiative.

The Process or Path
  1. Personality Assessment and 360 degree evaluation of leadership potential
  2. Development plan preparation
  3. One-on-one mentoring and Peer coaching
  4. Buddy assignment
  5. Reading assignment on latest management literature, books, websites
  6. Intensive training on Leadership and personal growth.

The training also includes:

    1. Project Management
    2. Excel
    3. Strategic Management
    4. Social Media and website development
    5. Marketing
  1. Project Assignment (In depth literature survey on  two competencies, implementing the knowledge through social projects and trend analysis of one industry)
  2. Leadership Shadowing
  3. EA Assignment
  4. Writing or publishing
  5. GMAT forum participation ( Optional Element)

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