Welcome to Leader Lab

The program was conceived and designed an innovative interactive programme: The programme is borne out of accumulated experience set of several years across territories. The leaderlab will enable you to meet your inner self and true aspirations. Also, it will facilitate your realizing the cherished desire. The Program setting: Leadership and Personal Mastery span programme is designed to 16 weeks. This will be a combination of classroom, session supported by online interaction. The coursework blends the best of Western leadership practices with the wisdom of Eastern contemplative traditions, providing opportunity for a transforming experience encouraging deep personal learning, fast assimilation of conceptual models and practical application to use in the workplace. Online instruction will enable the participants to download readings, share ideas and internet at individual pace from anywhere in the world. Onsite sessions will provide in-depth instruction and practice of leadership skills through coaching, helping participants integrate and apply their learning to work and other setting.

Five week of class room sessions
Sixteen weeks of internet-based instruction
Five individual sessions with professional leadership coaches
Online interaction with facilitators and colleagues
Action-learning projects in the workplace
Teleconferences with coaches and colleagues
The class room sessions will be based around the following themes:
Personal Branding
Self-reflection and personal mastery
Mental models: Clarify the key beliefs and assumptions that guide your work practice in the organization.
Skilful conversation and conflict resolution
Effective team action
Power, influence and empowerment
Leading with appreciative enquiry
An Immersion Experience in totality:
The program is a comprehensive immersion. It is outrageously demanding exercise leading to holistic development of leadership and creativity faculty. To support this endearrn, you will be required to assimilate recommended reading material and books and make presentations on your learning’s. During the programme progression, You will constitute on integral part, designed through interactive social media. You will write your own blog in the topic of your interest, on this platform to support your immersion with the group

Learn on your laugh: (The wow factor): The program will be conducted in interactive participative mode involving creative exercises like visioning, clay modeling, painting, theatre, mountaineering and sand artistry. The visioning process will involve working towards attaining the future ideal self, while maximizing the present day opportunities. Each participant will prepare a reflective diary of their learning and submit the same at the end as a capstone project.